Did You Know? Your Juice Cleanse Might Do You More Harm Than Good

by simona-terron

If you thought you could undo all the binge-eating you’ve been indulging in, simply with a juice cleanse, think again. A short, strict juice diet can be harmful for your health, aside from the fact that it might not result in sustainable weight-loss.

A typical juice cleanse involves abstaining from all solid foods and surviving on just liquids like fruit juice and smoothies. It’s been all the rage for a while now, with fans of this practice claiming that it provides you an absolute detox, a fresh start for your exhausted body, and that it promises weight loss.

Sadly, none of this is true. It’s important to note that juicing with the use of fresh fruit and vegetables is beneficial when consumed in combination with solid food that meets your daily nutritional requirements. However, an extreme all-liquid diet can spell bad news.

Read on to find out why a juice cleanse is actually bad for you, how it’s wasteful in so many ways, and what to do instead to achieve better health.

The Harmful Effects:

  • Eating whole fruit allows the fruit compounds to work in a holistic way to benefit your body. When you break down the fruit into individual components and then drink just the juice, you’re unable to harness the goodness of the fruit and might actually incur the bad effects of it.
  • For example, eating a whole apple is good for your health but if you peel it, juice it and drink only the strained liquid, you risk suffering a spike in your blood sugar from the fiber-less juice.
  • Extreme detox diets are not really necessary since the body does a fine job of taking care of itself by eliminating toxic waste through the digestive system, the skin and the lungs. In fact, some folks think doing a cleanse is a free pass to indulge even more in unhealthy habits, since they’ve “washed the slate clean.” This is counterproductive.

How It’s Wasteful:

  • The peel of most fruit also contains vital nutrients that are wasted when you discard it before juicing.
  • Apple peels contain heart-healthy quercetin, which goes into the trashcan along with the fiber-containing pulp.
  • Hardly anyone uses the peels or the pulp or even composts it. So that’s just money and food literally going down the drain.
  • As for a juice cleanse helping you lose weight and feel less bloated, it’s only going to all come back the moment you start on your regular diet. This means time and effort wasted as well.

Healthy Alternatives:

  • The maximum fiber of fruits and veg is in the peel and pulp, and if eaten, help reduce the risk of heart disease, aid in digestion and elimination, and help fight certain cancers.
  • Sadly, the average American is eating less than half the recommended daily allowance and instead, loading up on sodium and added sugar in processed, refined and mass-produced foods and beverages.
  • Reverse this by simply eating wholesome vegetables and fruit regularly, reducing the amount of commercially produced items in your diet, and closely watching your sugar and sodium intake.

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