Why You Can’t Trust Restaurant Menus Anymore

by Z Living Contributor
Next time you come across a $350 Kobe beef steak, or a swanky sushi sampler, be wary of the fact that our world is riddled with artificial ingredients. Writer Larry Olmstead’s new book "Fake Food, Real Food" exposes our society’s abundance of faux-edibles ranging from extra-virgin olive oil to lobster bisque.
At Z Living, we are all about fresh food that comes direct from its source, so insights like those found in Olmstead’s book mean a lot.
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This New York Post article points out some of the most jaw-dropping hoodwinks that Olmstead’s book finds in the food industry:
Kobe steaks are rarely actual Kobe beef.
Olmstead points out that Japan only sells this rare meat to three restaurants in the United States, while countless (like The Old Homestead Steakhouse in NYC) falsely offer it on menus.
Lobster bisque is often filled with substitutes.
Among the many health-related reasons to avoid chain restaurants like Red Lobster, the fact that it fills the house-bisque with non-lobster substitutes is at the top of the list.
Most Sushi is a Lie
This one might hurt the most. Olmstead claims that unless you order from a high-end sushi restaurant like Nobu, you’re likely requesting and eating two different types of fish. The writer claims that the salmon and red snapper you order are probably fake, and white tuna is usually escolar, which has been banned in Japan for four decades.
Olive oil isn’t always pure.
Another assertion covered by the post, Olmstead believes that most olive oil we consume is cut with soybean oil among other fillers. This is major for home chefs, as it's a core ingredient for healthy cooking.
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This not-so-great news came just in time, because July is Z Living's #FarmToForkChallenge, for which we invite you to investigate where your real food really comes from.
Check out Olmstead’s book “Real Food/Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It.”
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