It's Food O'Clock: Sneak More Veggies Into Your Kid's Spaghetti

by Simona Terron

Q: My kids will eat spaghetti anytime, anywhere. How can I incorporate more vegetables with their pasta?

A: Getting kids to eat vegetables and scaling Mount Everest, are both admirable goals—but the latter is probably easier to achieve. We've been there, and have some quick tricks to cloak the healthy greens (and reds, purples, oranges and yellows) in their fave pasta dishes. Forget plain old tomato sauce; try these easy-peasy hacks instead:

Make it In A Muffin Tin

Fill cupcake molds or muffin tins with cooked spaghetti. Cover with pasta sauce that has finely minced or grated vegetables. Next, spoon a bit of beaten egg mixture, sprinkle with herbs and cover with grated or shredded cheese before baking for a couple of minutes. You can experiment and mix and match any kind of veggies you want, add other ingredients like ground meat, even some tofu. No matter what you put in them, we guarantee these will be a fun way to get your kids to eat more veggies with their pasta.

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Make Your Own Zucchini Spaghetti

If your kids are allergic or sensitive to gluten, this is a double bonus. Instead of serving them spaghetti made from flour, use a vegetable peeler or a spiralizer to craft long, skinny noodles. If you use zucchini, you may tickle their fancy by calling them zoodles, but any other firm veg like squash or carrots will do just as well.

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