Don't Miss 'Family Style,' Premiering Next Week!

by Meredith Grace
Get hungry, because on November 7 at 9pm, Z Living premieres the new show Family Style with Chef Jeff.  You might already know the charismatic host, chef Jeff Henderson, from Z Living's beloved cooking and food-centric show Flip My Food. In Family Style, Chef Jeff steps into the world of farm-to-table gastronomy, exploring holistic food choices and even training kids in the kitchen. Find out where to watch.

Here's the Skinny on Family Style With Chef Jeff

Are you ready to sharpen your culinary skills? In this show, you’ll learn how smart, holistic food choices can lead to life-changing experiences for the whole family. And yes, kids too — each lesson, recipe, and more that Chef Jeff discusses throughout the show is completely kid-friendly. And you'll see kids in the kitchen with the chef, too!

Family Style with Chef Jeff is all about acquiring wholesome, real ingredients that come straight from the source. Chef Jeff takes you on a whirlwind adventure across real America, where you’ll meet farmers, fishermen, and bakers whose life’s work is real food.
Using locally sourced produce and ingredients, the chef enlists the help of a young “sous chef” each episode, who helps him to craft a delicious, healthy meal fit for the whole family. If you have children, you’ll feel inspired to get your whole family involved in farm-to-table meal preparation. After all, there’s no better time than the present to teach kids how to develop smart eating habits.

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Meet Chef Jeff Henderson 

Once a chef at the Bellagio and Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Chef Jeff demonstrates how attention to detail, the proper selection and handling of ingredients, and fine-tuned technique will transform your cooking

Fans of Chef Jeff’s show Flip My Food are likely familiar with his cooking talents, as well as his warm, welcoming personality. An accomplished connoisseur of the culinary arts, Chef Jeff found his passion for cooking in an unlikely place: federal prison. By pursuing his newfound enthusiasm for crafting cuisine, he not only bettered his life, but inspired thousands of others to do the same. Today, he is a celebrated author, motivational speaker, television host and, of course, a critically acclaimed chef. Don't miss the show, premiering next week!

Chef-JeffWATCH on Z Living: Family Style With Chef Jeff, where award-winning chef Jeff Henderson teaches viewers how to make the right choices in the kitchen, using farm-to-table techniques to prepare healthy dinner recipes. See a sneak peek here.

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