How To Bring The Farmer's Market To Your Front Door

by Eugenia Kim
In an ideal world, we would visit the local farmer’s market on a weekly basis to buy organic, locally-sourced produce that we'd whip into Pinterest-worthy photogenic feasts (like in the image below). But what about the days you can't make it to the market?

Luckily, there's a new way to bring your local farmer's market straight to you. The solution? Community Sourced Agriculture (CSA) farm-to-front-door delivery services. Through a subscription to your local farm, you can have a box of seasonal, organic, locally-sourced goods sent to your front stoop. It's like having a personal farmer's market on your doorstep.

And it's not just limited to fruits and vegetables, people can opt for fresh eggs, cheese, bread, and even live chickens. Subscribers are able to personalize the content and frequency of these treasure chests to fit their lifestyles and household sizes. Some subscription services such as FarmBox Los Angeles have boxes catered towards special diets such as Paleo kits and juicing kits.

Help Local Famers Help You

Farm-to-front-door delivery services benefit both subscribers and farmers. Farmers diversify their income sources, while payments from subscribers come in earlier in the season to help manage their cash flow. Subscribers get the freshest fruits and vegetables, which are packed with nutrients and flavor to maximize health and wellness.

Imagine biting into a dark green rich kale salad paired with a salmon filet that provides you with a high energy diet to tackle whatever challenges comes your way. Eating seasonally also means that you are getting crisp red apples or juicy peaches when they are harvested at their peak. Yum!

Teach Your Kids About Where Their Food Comes From

Having a farm share also connects us to our food and is a great way for parents to teach children about where food comes. Many farms encourage visits from their subscribes to see how their shares contribute and maximize productivity. Boxes also often come with produce people have never tried before and community sourced recipes. Another benefit is that it's much easier to meal prep or cook and store a week’s worth of meals with a week’s worth of groceries delivered straight to your door.

These CSA subscriptions do come with a caveat. Some subscriptions are usually paid upfront for the year, which means that if there is a drought one season and crops suffer, your box may not be as bountiful as it usually is.

However many farmers prioritize their CSA subscribers to ensure their orders are the first to be fulfilled. Just be sure to do some research to find the best subscription service that matches your needs.
Looking for more information about farm shares and finding your local CSA? Check out this great resource:

Now that you're fully stocked with fresh produce, here's more ways to use it well:

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Photo Credit: Farmbox
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