Fast Five: Super Quick Breakfast Tips For Busy Office Mornings

by Debolina Raja

Mornings are usually the busiest time of the day, with school lunches to pack, getting that last minute office presentation done and so many more things to finish up before leaving the house.

Even though the morning rush may tempt you to skip eating this most important meal of the day, here are some easy and quick breakfast ideas that will make sure you do not hear that late morning rumble from your tummy. If you can’t have these at home before you leave, try to stash them in your bag or office drawer for a quick and filling breakfast during either your commute to work or in between meetings in the office:

  1. Pre-Made Granola Bars
    Homemade granola bars are the best, but if you don’t have time to make them, you can always buy some good, organic, branded ones from the store. Break one up in a bowl and pour some cold or warm milk over it for a delicious and filling breakfast snack.
  1. Yogurt And Fruit
    Yogurt packs are the easiest to store in your fridge as well as in your office refrigerator. Add a portion of cut fresh fruits or sprinkle some dried fruit and you will be good to go for a few hours.
  1. Hard Boiled Eggs
    These are a great breakfast option as they are not only loaded with protein that will keep you full for long, but they’re also easy to store in the fridge. Boil some eggs the previous night and keep in your fridge, peel in the morning and eat.
  1. Smoothies
    While a smoothie may not be your ideal or traditional sit-down breakfast, it will surely give you that punch of energy and keep you full. Keep your choice of ingredients ready in a separate bowl the previous night and turn them into a smoothie in the morning. Have at home or pour in a portable mug and take it along.
  1. Multigrain Bread With Peanut Butter
    Keep a jar of peanut butter in your office drawer or refrigerator and carry a few slices of multigrain bread from home. Spread some nutty goodness on the slice and have your filling breakfast right at the desk.

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