Fast Five: Worst Food Combinations Ever

by vanessa

We barely think about what food we eat and in what combination. However, mixing up certain foods could wreak havoc in your tummy. Read on, to find out more about some of the worst food combinations:

1. Oatmeal With Milk & Orange Juice: Orange juice contains acid, while oatmeal contains starches. The acid from the fruit has the ability to destroy the enzymes that help digest the starch from the cereal. Apart from that, the acid also curdles the milk that’s mixed with your oats.

2. Meat, Cheese & Egg: Do you like your omelet with cheese and meat? Well, let us tell you that this protein combination is way too much for your digestive system to handle. Try a veggie omelet instead.

3. Banana & Milk: According to Ayurveda, mixing banana and milk in any form makes for the heaviest and toxin-forming combination. It will make you feel uneasy and heavy, and thus slow you down. If you really like this combination for a smoothie, be sure to use a very ripe banana with the addition of nutmeg and cardamom to stimulate digestion.

4. Acidic Fruit With Yogurt: If you enjoy a fruity yogurt parfait, then avoid mixing sour fruits like grapes, oranges and limes with yogurt. Doing so could slow down digestion, produce toxins, and trigger cold, cough and allergies too. If you want to flavor plain yogurt, go for healthier additions like honey, cinnamon or even raisins.

5. Any Fruit After A Meal: The best time to eat fruits is before a meal, when your stomach is empty. That’s because your meal takes long to digest and if you eat a fruit after, it will remain on top of your meal and begin to ferment. This causes bloating and gas.

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