Fix That Dish: Churros Made Healthy

by vanessa

It's hard toimagine using the words churro and healthy in the same sentence, but were about to change that. It's possible to make lighter, healthier churros that taste equally, if not more delicious:

  • Churros are usually made with refined flour, which has empty calories. Try and substitute it whole grain flour, or gluten-free oat flour.
  • Cut out the refined sugar, and opt for a natural sweetener like stevia. As the substitute may differ in consistency, you might have to make appropriate adjustments to the batter.
  • If you must add sugar, blend it well with some cinnamon and vanilla extract , both of which are healthy, but also add a lot of flavor.Additionally, theylend the recipe a natural sweetness, so you can cut back on the sugar.
  • You can skip on the butter too, by replacing it with organic shortening
  • And finally, we get to the part that makes churros a dieters worst enemyfrying. Skip the greasyoil and try to bake your churros. You'll be surprised at how good they taste, without the extra calories.
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