Food Fad We Love: Sushi Burgers

by Simona Terron
Once upon a time, a Japanese exchange student studying to become a food scientist fell in love with an American football player at the same university. Much to her surprise, he asked her out on a date. They couldn’t decide whether to go for the clean, crisp taste of sushi or dig into a savory, meaty burger, they decided to bring together the best of both worlds: the sushi burger was born and they lived happily ever after.

OK that was a totally hokey story, but the bit about the sushi burger invention is true and really happening out there. Although Japan’s MOS Burger has been doing this whole stuffing yumminess between ‘buns’ made of cooked, sticky rice since 1987 (they opened I 1972), when food blogger So Beautifully Raw showed off her creation on Instagram, the image went viral and soon everyone started posting their versions.

So the thing that’s really cool about sushi burgers is that you can make just about any variation you have your heart set on: experiment with traditional yummy Japanese cuisine superstars such as salmon, tuna, chicken katsu, seaweed, tempura shrimp and wasabi. Or just go nuts and stuff a ground beef patty between the rice cakes, batter-fry a softshell crab if you have to or get totally vegan and use soy, or ‘chicken’ made from jackfruit or even just yummy, stir-fried vegetables.

Just remember this word of caution: You need to eat this with chopsticks or a fork because it's messy as heck and is not to be treated like a traditional burger, not unless you want your food all over your shirt, your lap and the floor. Another less messy way to enjoy this is in a sushi bowl.
Feel free to send us your pictures of the variation you tried and loved.

In fact, here’s a fun video of different foods that folks attempted to ‘sushi-fy’ and the resulting outcomes:
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