Food Q&A: What Are The Best Foods For Constipation Relief?

by zliving

Constipation is a very common digestive disorder that affects people of all ages. But you don’t need to turn to your medicine rack for a laxative each time you’re constipated.

  • A liberal fluid intake in the form of water, fruit water, unsweetened/naturally sweetened lime juice, or buttermilk, is recommended.
  • A high-fiber diet consisting of fruits and vegetables with edible skin and peels is advised.
  • Lentils with skin, such as green gram mung dal, is great to get the bowels moving.
  • Have unstrained vegetable soup. A diet high in fiber adds to the bulk of the stools and aids in defecation.
  • Soft cooked foods like brown rice with steamed veggies, and other non-spicy and non-irritating foods can be had.
  • Avoid very oily and fried foods.

Here are some wonderful fiber-rich recipes to ease your tummy troubles.

  • Boiled Mung Dal With Carrot & Yogurt
  • Yogic Diet: Mung Daal Pancakes
  • Spinach & Fenugreek Soup
  • Healthy Bulgur With Vegetables

Courtesy: The Yoga Institute

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