These 'Healthy' Foods Aren't Actually That Good For You

by Brandon Topp
Do You Really Know If Your Food Choices Are Healthy?
1. Sushi
2. Yogurt (Regular & Frozen)
3. Salads
4. Frozen Dinners
5. Bran Muffins
6. Sports Drinks
7. Granola
8. Fruit Juice
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Even when you're trying to eat healthy, there's a lot of gray areas in what's considered "good for you" and what's not.

There's a lot of assumptions too — for example, isn't salad always the healthiest choice on the menu? Isn't sushi one of the most nutritious lunch choices you could make? And aren't juice and sports drinks ultra-nutritious? If you think each of these statements is irrevocably true, think again. After all, from electric ab belts to not-so-smart food choices, there are certain health solutions that people are historically willing to embrace and believe. We're here to bust the myths, though.

Click through the slideshow above for 8 examples of food and drinks that are considered healthy ... but often aren’t

For truly healthy meal inspiration, look to our show Flip My Food, where chef Jeff Henderson “flips” classic recipes into healthier versions of themselves. Learn more about the show and watch clips here, plus find out where you can tune in.

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