Get Fresh With These Flavorful Infused Waters

by Simona Terron

Spring is here at last! And with the weather promising to improve, we’re toasting the good news with some healthy and tasty water infusions. They’re easy to make at home and are a lovely way to stay refreshed and hydrated. After all, drinking just plain water can be a wee bit boring, right?

But how do you go about infusing water using fruit and vegetables? It’s simple really. Here’s our straight and easy guide to getting it done:

1. Mint: Just a single sprig can transform a bottle of dull and insipid water into an invigorating beverage that can freshen up your breath and make you spring back to life.

2. Citrus Fruit: Limes, lemons and oranges are great because they bring a fair amount of zing to the infusion and the overload of vitamin C doesn’t hurt either. Perfect for sipping on after a greasy meal, you can make this by just adding a few wedges or slices to the water and letting it rest for a bit in the fridge.

3. Watermelon: When a fruit’s composition is already 92 percent water, it just makes sense to add it to your drink. Why eat it when you can drink it?

4. Cucumber: This crunchy veg has such a subtle and mild aroma that it is always a welcome addition to any salad. How about capturing that freshness in your water? If you want a quick rejuvenating splash after a long day, just sip on water that has had slices or sticks of cucumber floating in it.

5. Strawberries: Chop up these luscious berries and throw them in a pitcher of water. The resulting drink will be slightly sweet, slightly tart, and utterly delicious. No one says you have to stick to just one of these, especially since a combination can easily boost the flavor even higher. Mix and match and let us know what your favorite blend turned out to be!


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