Goldfish In Your Tea: This Is One Bizarre Food Trend You Will Love

by Aparna Ayyar

For all the crazy and bizarre food trends, there comes one adorable one that makes it worth the madness. Imagine a goldfish swimming in your tea. Not a real goldfish but this darling goldfish tea bag.

Charm Villa, a Taiwanese agency started production of these cute goldfish tea bags that when steeped in hot water becomes all puffy and golden-brown, just like goldfish. You can also tug at the string to make it look like they’re swimming in your cup. I mean, only if you really want to; if you’re in dire need of entertainment.

Students from St Johns University, Taipei, who worked on the design of the tea bags, have already won two design awards—the iF Design Award for Discipline Packaging and the Red Dot Communication Design Award. The tea bags, unfortunately, seem to be sold out quite often and supply has always been a problem.

The extremely charming tea bags come at quite a hefty price, though; a box of twelve costs around $80 on Amazon. The tea is available in four varieties, including Rose Oolong, Ruby Black, Jin Yuan, and Oriental Beauty.  This teacup goldfish is like your own private mini-koi pond to achieve a zen-like state even at your desk. Go grab your goldfish in a teacup today.

Image: Charmvilla’s Facebook page

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