Here's A Spicy News Flash: Cinnamon Is Crazy-Good For You

by Brandon Topp

Good news, spice-lovers: Cinnamon, already touted for it's ability to help lower and help control blood sugar and reduce your risk of heart disease, is likely even more ridiculously good for you than previously believed.

New research presented at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology's annual 2017 meeting links the spice to anti-aging, antioxidant control, and more.

We're already big fans of cinnamon and its health benefits thanks to nutritionist Julie Daniluk, host of Z Living’s popular show Healthy Gourmet. Cinnamon is one of the 5 essential warming spices Daniluk swears by. Daniluk praises cinammon for it's anti-inflammatory properties ... but it's looking like that particular benefit is just a drop in the bucket of new research exploring the many health boons of cinnamon. 

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Here's The Latest On Cinnamon's Many Health Benefits:

This new research, part of an ongoing study, expands upon cinnamon’s already well-known ability to lower and help control blood-sugar and it's anti-inflammatory benefits. Amy Stockert, study author and associate professor of biochemistry at the Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy pioneered this new review, focusing on a protein called Sirtuin-1 which is active in insulin regulation. 

Essentially, antioxidants activate this protein in certain foods and drinks, like red wine. This new study finds that cinnamon activates Sirtuin-1 too, which could mean that the spice offers even more health benefits than previously thought.

Stockert says in Time, “if cinnamon interacts with this enzyme in the way our model suggests, it could possibly be linked to anti-aging, antioxidant control, a lot of really important health benefits.” She continued, “it shouldn’t take more than one gram a day to see those effects.” 

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Healthy Gourmet's Julie Daniluk Notes That Cinnamon Has Other Dietary Benefits, Too.

In addition to these new findings, cinnamon is what Daniluk calls a "warming spice" that assists in  digestion, and much more. Warming spices and foods are some of the main focuses of Daniluk's new book The Hot Detox Plan, a collection of detoxes, recipes, and insights that described how warming foods and spices like cinnamon promote healthy digestion and reduce inflammation. In the book, Daniluk writes, “[cinnamon] helps to reduce dampness in the body by increasing circulation. It is antiseptic, an excellent digestive tonic, and known to act like insulin.”

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Ever Heard Of The Cinnamon Challenge? Just Don't.

While this piece seems to just be an all-out worship of all that is cinnamon, we caution you to avoid becoming a victim to overindulgence in the form of the so-called "Cinnamon Challenge." The viral Internet food challenge, around for the past 5 years, is to film yourself eating a spoonful of ground cinnamon in under 60 seconds without drinking anything. (If you Google this, you find people downing a full spoonful of cinnamon and then almost instantly coughing and hacking it back up.) While widely laughed at, the challenge is actually dangerous and can lead to vomiting and breathing difficulties ... and has even caused a death. 

So enjoy your cinnamon, just don't take it to the extreme. Instead, add a pinch of cinnamon to one of your meals or drinks everyday to enjoy a wide range of spicy health benefits. 

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