15 Healthy Alternatives To Handing Out Halloween Candy

by Charlotte Edwards
Check out these Halloween candy alternatives!
Packets of Hot Cocoa
Halloween Socks
Halloween Cookie Cutter
Crazy Straws
Cute Stamps
Juice Boxes
Cute Erasers
Bouncy Balls
Glow Sticks
Temporary Tattoos
Colored Pencils

Sweets have long ruled our country's annual trick-or-treating tradition for Halloween, but there are several reasons to consider alternatives to handing out just candy, candy, candy. Check out our slideshow above for some healthy options (think stickers, erasers, juice boxes, and more!), and read on to find out how I came to discover that Halloween should offer more than candy

My Story: A Sugary Halloween Experience

I grew up three miles outside the city limits, so aside from our sugar-laden Halloween parties at school, my parents rarely had to deal with crazy sugar rushes and pillowcases full of candy. Except the year we went to a local church for their Halloween festival. 

Admittance was a large bag of candy, then doled out as a game prizes. I thought getting a giant bag of candy was way better than “real” trick-or-treating near my outside-the-city home, which I’d tried the year before with sad results. I could play the games as many times as I wanted, and got another piece of candy to add to my bag every time I played. Needless to say, I went home with a grocery sack stuffed with sweets. It took until Christmas for the massive amount to dwindle away (even though my chocoholic Dad ate his fair share of the mini Snickers and Twix!) 

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Why Skip Halloween Candy?

In the two decades since what I've dubbed my own Great Candy Rush, Americans have increased sugar consumption, leading to widespread tooth decay, obesity, and diabetes. Our kids may not understand how sugar negatively affects them, so it’s up to adults to offer less damaging alternatives. 

If the idea of veering off the sweets-train makes you feel like the Halloween Grinch, remember: it’s still worthwhile children with allergies and special diets.

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Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Halloween is just days away, and if you haven’t yet bought treats for the neighborhood kids, why not try something different this year? Check out the fifteen alternatives to Halloween candy in the above slideshow. 

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Tell us in the comments: What other healthy Halloween candy alternatives should we add to this list?  

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