7 Healthy Soda Alternatives

by Brandon Topp

There are countless healthy alternatives to soda out there, each of which can go a long way toward saving your teeth, stomach, and even your brain (scarily enough, researchers have recently linked a steady soda habit to brain shrinkage, among other health issues). But those aren't the only reasons to break your soda habit. Drinking too much pop is linked to weight gain, digestive problems, dental issues, and even Type 2 diabetes. So do your body a favor and seek out a soft drink alternative. We've found 7 so tasty, you won't miss sugary soda at all.

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Here's 7 Delicious, Healthy Alternatives To Soda: 

1. Seltzer & 100% Fruit Juice

Trade out the sugar of Sprite or Coca-Cola with 100 percent cranberry, pomegranate, or grapefruit juice. All of these fruits are rich in flavor and vitamins. They all also mix well together and with soda water. 

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2. Cold, Sparkling Tea 

Part of the attraction to soda is exploring the different flavors, and treating yourself to special treats like root beer, and ginger ale. You can do the same thing with tea, which is a seemingly endless world of healthy flavors and effects. Sparkling teas like ICE can help bridge the carbonation-gap for soda addicts. 

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3. Cold, Fresh Vegetable Juice

If we want to get away from all of the harmful sugar in soda, than freshly-made vegetable juices are a great alternative. Experimenting with different recipes and combinations will show you a far greater spectrum of flavor than the world of soda ever will. 

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4. Fruit & Veggie-Infused Waters

Nothing makes a pitcher of water more refreshing than some sliced up cucumber, oranges, or lemons soaking in it. Soak any of these options, or even some strawberries or mint, in seltzer and ice for a cool, bubbly, healthy soda-alternative. 

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5. Red, Red Wine

Moderate consumption of red wine has been associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. The buzz beats any sugar high, and a spritzer can soothe your carbonated cravings. 

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6. Homemade Lemonade

Before you freak out at the realization that lemonade is a healthy alternative to soda, remember that it’s only worthwhile if you skip out on the sugar. Sweeten your lemonade with honey to save your teeth and stomach, and feel free to sub in seltzer water as well. 

7. Fruity Kombucha

Soda addicts who hop on the kombucha train are looking at a smooth road to recovery. The wildly flavorful, trendy drink is a fermented black tea with detoxifying, digestive, and energy-boosting qualities. It’s by far one of the hippest healthy alternatives to soda out there.

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