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Healthy Gourmet, which premieres August 8 at 8pm, teaches you how to get enjoy your favorite flavors and without sacrificing heart-healthy substance for maximum health and wellness. Nutritionist Julie Daniluk and Chef Ezra Title spar in the kitchen to create nutritious pairings for your favorite dishes. Enjoy a sneak peak from the premiere below!


More About Job's Tears & Other Tropical Cereal Grass To Taste

Considered one of the most nutritious health foods from Asia, job's tearsJob's tears is a tear-shaped grass that contains chemicals that are thought to interfere with cancer cell growth, according to WebMD. The food is used to treat arthritis, obesity, and even cancer around the world. The chemicals are thought to have antioxidant effects and might also decrease growth of bacteria and parasites.

If you're plan to cook with Job's tears, then consider adding sorghum to the mix! Healthy Gourmet co-host Julie Daniluk says that sorghum is a good source of B vitamins and iron. On her website, Julie notes that "Sorghum grains are consumed whole as a porridge, popped as a snack, ground into a flour, or as a sweet syrup sometimes referred to as sorghum molasses." 

Read a more about the power of Job's tears, sorghum, Korean buckwheat, and millet for more inspiration!

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Tell us in the comments: What other low-carb fruits do you regularly add to your meals?


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