Why Hemp Hearts Are A 'Healthy Gourmet' Nutritionist's New Superfood

by Brandon Topp

In the new diet, cleanse, and nutritional cookbook The Hot Detox Plan by nutritionist Julie Daniluk — host of Z Living’s popular show Healthy Gourmet — Daniluk uses an ingredient you've likely never heard of: healthy, uber-versatile hemp hearts, a.k.a. shelled hemp seeds. This superfood appears in not one, not two, but in 32 different recipes! Check out more about Healthy Gourmet here and find out where to watch the show.

Trendy hemp hearts are growing in popularity among health food fanatics, but haven't yet hit the mainstream ... though, that's likely just a matter of time. Here's why Daniluk is so into 'em, and why you should add healthy hemp hearts to your diet. PS, we've added links to several of her hemp heart recipes below, too!

1. Hemp Hearts Are Great Source Of Vegan Protein.


Alongside sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds, hemp hearts serve as a healthy source of vegan protein. This is huge for all types of eaters — from vegans to carnivores. Even if you like to eat meat, mixing vegan proteins into your diet can help balance your diet and curb some of the unhealthy fats that come with a steak. 

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2. Hemp Hearts Add Great Flavor & Texture To Tons Of Recipes.

Hemp hearts bring a lot of flavor and texture to recipes, like those in Julie Daniluk’s The Hot Detox Plan. In her vegan burgers recipe, hemp hearts help firm up the burger and add texture. In her hemp-heart cookies, the ingredient adds crunch and a nutty flavor. 

Z Living featured three recipes from the book, linked below. Try them yourself!

3. Protein-Rich Hemp Hearts Can Help You Conquer Unhealthy Cravings.

Adding more protein to your diet in the form of healthy hemp hearts can also help you conquer unhealthy cravings. In her book, Daniluk writes, “recent studies show that American adults consume up to 64 percent of their total calories at night,” and goes on to state, “a study published in Nutrition Metabolism indicates that increasing your protein intake by 30 percent can reduce total caloric intake by approximately 450 calories per day.” 

The takeaway? A protein-rich snack like hemp hearts can help curb those late-night cravings. And if you still find yourself reaching for the cookie jar, Daniluk suggests satisfying your cravings with low-sodium vegetable soups. 

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4. Hemp Hearts Are An Excellent Source Of Magnesium. 

Hemp hearts are also a great source of magnesium, which does wonders for your body and mind. Some of which include: increased energy, decreased anxiety, increased heart health, and relief for muscle aches and spasms. 

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5. Hemp Hearts Are An Exceptionally Versatile Ingredient.

Daniluk’s book shows us a whole bunch of ways that hemp hearts can be used to bring flavor and nutrition to a recipe. In the book, Daniluk makes milk from hemp hearts, and uses them in everything from cookies to pudding, salad dressing, granola, burgers, pate, and more.

So we're gonna call it: Hemp hearts are the new almond! 

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