Here’s A Vegan Topping That’s Even Better Than Parmesan

by simona-terron

Life without Parmesan cheese is almost unimaginable to most people, and we wonder if its at all possible. How else would we achieve that rather intense, slightly nutty and even a little crunchy magic in our food? Besides enjoying it on its own, we use it in practically everything: to top pizzas, shave on to salads and pasta, sprinkle on garlic bread, and stir it into soup. But if youre going on a vegan diet, its definitely off the menu.Genuine Parmesan, like most cheese, is prepared using milk, salt and among other things, an enzyme called rennet, which comes from animals. If you want a vegan alternative, and are tired of substitutes like cashew-nutritional yeast that doesnt quite hit the spot, weve got just the thing for you:

  • Finely chop some olives and spread them on a baking sheet to dry in a 225F oven for a couple of hours. Once theyre done, let them cool in the oven, so they dont absorb any moisture on contact with outside air.
  • Grind them into a chunky powder in a food processor. To this, add some miso paste, grate a bit of lemon zest and drop in a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and grind again.
  • Spread this mixture out on a baking sheet to dry in a 225F oven for a couple of hours. Once its cool, put it in a dry, sterilized jar and refrigerate. It lasts for a few weeks.
Be warned that this entire process usually fills the kitchen with mouth-watering aromas, and will have you reaching for this mixture over and over again. Use it as a replacement for Parmesan, or even experiment by placing it in sandwiches and tossing it as a flavoring on popcorn.Head to ourFood
section for healthy recipes and thelatest food trends.More recipes and tips for aVegan Diet



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