This Week: We're Hooked on 'Healthy Gourmet,' 'Class FitSugar' & 'Birth Days'

by The Z Living Editors
One helps us eat healthy, one keeps us fit, and one makes us feel all the feelings of family life — we're talking about Z Living's shows Healthy Gourmet, Class FitSugar , and Birth Days, of course! We've gotten hooked on 'em all, and betting you will be too.

Check out our favorite episodes with sneak peek teasers below, as well as more behind-the-scenes know-how you won't want to miss:

WATCH IT: Z Living's Premiere of Healthy Gourmet 

The August 8 launch of our newest show Healthy Gourmet has already inspired us to stock up on veggies, especially after we watched an episode where show hosts Julie Daniluk, a nutritionist, and chef Ezra Title teach a group of cowboys about rhubarb, a nutritious plant they'd never considered eating before Daniluk and Title's intervention. (That's our hosts and heroes, at right!Watch a sneak peek video of the scene here.

READ IT: Julie Daniluk, Host Of Healthy Gourmet, Talks Wellness

We asked the show host and nutritionist about her pathway to joy. Here's some of her best advice: "The way you eat food should be as individual as your fingerprint. The trick is to tap into your intuition rather than just giving into cravings. If you can make friends with vegetables, then the rest of the menu comes into balance easily." Read on for more smart tips

WATCH IT: Class FitSugar's No-Run Cardio Challenge

Ever wish you could get in a cardio workout without going on a long run...or, preferably, without even leaving the house? Let Class FitSugar show host Anna Renderer demonstrate how to get your heart rate pumping with a few basic moves you can do in the privacy of your home. (Yes, like the squats shown at right!) Watch our sneak peek video here, and give it a try.

WATCH IT: Birth Days: Meet Erin & Manny

Z Living's show Birth Days chronicles a couple's first 6 weeks with a newborn...and the chaos that ensues. Don't miss the episodes about trucker couple Manny & Erin, who are learning to balance their free-wheelin' lifestyle and lack of cash against the needs of their newborn son. Watch our sneak peek video here, and tune in to see what happens next. 


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