Turns Out Sugary Soda Is Unhealthy For Your Brain, Too

by Brandon Topp

Sugary drinks have never been your waistline's friend  doctors and nutritionists even call out pop as sheer "empty calories"  but new research out of Boston adds to that fact, suggesting that soda can be as bad for your brain as it is for your body.

So if you're an active pop guzzler, think twice before cracking open that can. It may lower your brain volume and degrade your mental capacity. Yikes.

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Here's Why Soda Is Likely Bad For Your Brain:

Researchers from Boston University recently published a study in Alzheimer’s & Dementia that looked at over 4,200 people whose daily soda intakes vary. Each subject took neuropsychological assessments and underwent MRI scans. This Huffington Post piece summarized the results saying, “The more sugary drinks the participants had, the lower their brain volume and the poorer their memory scores — these findings are consistent with early Alzheimer’s.” 

Another recently published study from the same researchers at Boston University, spearheaded by Matthew Pase, followed the diet-soda intake of nearly 4,500 people over the course of a decade. Published in Stroke, the study found that the more diet soda you consume, the more likely you are to one day have a stroke, or get dementia. 

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Switch Out Soda For These Flavorful Options:

For those of you who need a flavorful changeup from water, milk, and the basics, there are countless delicious and healhty otions out there. To replace your long-standing relationship with soda, go after a drink that takes imagination and attention.

Check out these delicious smoothie recipes, for instance:

And For Those Of You Who Are Going To Miss Soda’s Wonderful Bubbles....

Get into seltzer, it’s a life-changer. You get that refreshing carbonation without nearly as much sugar and refined ingredients. Go the can-and-recycle route, or splurge on a SodaStream to make sure you always have a healthy soda alternative ready to go.

Remember, this research isn't definitive proof that soda is destroying your brain cells, but it is alarming ... and possibly a wake-up call to save the soda for an occasional treat only. 

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