Why Removing Dairy Is Essential To A Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet

by Brandon Topp

The whole food, plant-based diet is a popular and effective roadmap towards maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Slightly broader than challenging vegan diets, it still eliminates dangers that come in many common American foods—i.e. dairy and meat. As a matter of fact, the host of our original series The Big Fat Truth JD Roth prescribes his show guests and large following plant-based diets to turn their lives around. 

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What’s Big Fat Truth All About? 

Every week, The Big Fat Truth focuses on helping a group of individuals from similar walks of life—former contestants of Roth’s old show The Biggest Loser, mothers, nurses, and teachers to name a few. Overweight and out of shape, these guests take Roth up on committing to a professionally curated whole food, plant-based diet for 90 days, and facing the real reasons why they have let themselves go. 

The Diet Means, No More Dairy! 

One of the main elements of a whole food, plant-based diet is eliminate consumption of animal products, or keep those meals to a minimum. This takes a side on one of the most argued-about topics in the world of nutrition—is dairy bad for you? 

According to experts from our show, and acclaimed minds from the nutrition world, there’s a lot of evidence saying yes. 

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Eating Dairy Is Linked To Higher Cancer Rates. 

One of The Big Fat Truth’s contributing nutritionists who also happens to be JD’s wife, Christine Roth wrote a piece for Nutritiously where she explains how animal milks are comprised of two different kinds of proteins—whey and casein. She goes on to talk about how cow’s milk has double the amount of casein protein as human breast milk, which is because calves grow about five times faster than human children. 

She then points to a study by the famous nutrition researcher Dr. T. Colin Campbell, who ran a study on the effects of casein on rats in India. It essentially found that decreased percentages of casein in the rats’ diets correlated to lower rates of cancer. 

Additionally, there’s tons of evidence out there linking dairy with cancer. In this WebMD piece, Walter Millet, MD, PhD, professor of epidemiology and head of the nutrition department at Harvard School of Public Health, said, “By now there’s quite a body of data showing a higher risk of fatal prostate cancer associated with milk.” On top of that, this Swedish study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that, “High intakes of lactose and dairy products, particularly milk, are associated with an increased risk of serous ovarian cancer.” 

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More Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Dairy From Your Diet. 

There are a number of other reasons to keep dairy out of your diet, including weight gain. According to PETA, “A study of more than 12,000 children showed that the more milk they drank, the more weight they gained.” Milk and other dairy products are also considered to be high in saturated fat, which doesn’t help with weight loss either. Additionally, over consumption of dairy has also been linked to acne breakouts, digestive problems, and increased cholesterol. 

But, Don’t I Need Milk For Calcium? 

Not necessarily, there are plenty of whole food, plant-based ingredients that can give you healthy doses of calories on any given day. Christine Roth gets unsweetened almond milk, and coconut milk at the grocery, both products that often come supplemented with calcium at the grocery store. Additionally, a number of vegetables are high in calories—the most potent of which include: collard greens, kale, and turnip greens. 

Still Not Convinced?

We recently sat down with the host of the show JD Roth to get some words of inspiration for our readers at home. He told us, "We’re preaching to cut out meat, sugar, dairy, etc, but even if you can’t go fully whole food, plant-based right away, I get it. It can be a lot of pressure. But I want to say to everyone, try it, and tell me what you think. I’ve never yet had someone try it and say, 'Yeah, I don’t feel better.'"

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Now It's Time To Take The Big Fat Truth's Big Fat 30-Day Challenge: 

30 days can make you feel good again. 30 days can jump-start you into a whole new way of living. 30 days can turn it all around. Isn't your overall quality of life worth that month of hard work?

In conjunction with The Big Fat Truth, host JD Roth designed The Big Fat 30 Day Challenge so that everyone has access to the transformative lifestyle changes that the show participants experience. The challenge offers access to tips that Roth knows work. Whether you're overweight, dealing with health issues, or just need a boost to get you healthier, take on our 30-day #BigFatChallenge today.

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