How To Make Non-Dairy, Vegan Condensed Milk At Home

by simona-terron

Gooey, sweet and so satisfyingcondensed milk is a star in most childhood memories. Eaten on top of toast for breakfast, drizzled over some tart berries for dessert, added to baked foods, stirred into an aromatic coffee or shaken with iced milk; its difficult not to think of ways in which this pantry staple brings joy to the whole family.But what about the 40 million lactose-intolerant Americans and the 7.5 million Americans who dont include any animal products in their diets? 2014 saw one in four consumers purchasing dairy-free milk alternatives, and the good news is: you can use these to make delicious condensed milk.Reasons ToPrepare Your Own Vegan Condensed Milk:

  1. If your diet requires you to omit dairy, traditional condensed milk is not on the menu.
  2. Vegan condensed milk isnoteasily available in stores.
  3. Even if you do find vegan condensed milk for sale, it will most likely be made of soy, usually the GMO kind youd like to avoid.
  4. Homemade condensed milk turns out to be cheaper than the store-bought one.
The Science Behind Condensed Milk
:If you try to condense any kind of milk, it involves heating it to evaporate its water content and caramelize the sugars slightly. The higher the protein content, the better the flavor, since the protein gets slightly toasted in the process. Since nut milks dont contain as much protein as dairy and soy milk, you should ideally useorganic ingredients, and make your recipe extra thick to achieve the best results.How To Make Non-dairy, Vegan Condensed Milk In 4 Steps
  1. Heat the milk (coconut, almond, cashew, rice, oat, soy or hemp) over low heat, add sugar and salt to taste, whisk often and let it simmer mildly till it is reduced to a thick and creamy concoction. This could take anything from 2-4 hours depending on the thickness of the milk you use. To avoid it burning, keep turning down the heat as the milk reduces, and whisk frequently.
  2. Take itoff the heat, and whisk in some vanilla extract.
  3. Cool it, and when it reaches room temperature, transfer it into a covered container and refrigerate, so it thickens even further. Use as and when required.
  4. Since it will get quite gluggy in the fridge, loosen it up by blending with some warm water till you get the desired consistency.
Quick Tips:
  • Take the easy way and do this in a slow cooker thats set to high, left with the top off, and on low-heat for about seven hours.
  • Make condensed milk thats not just dairy-free but also without any nuts, soy, gluten and other popular allergens: Take a cup and a half of dairy-free vanilla flavoured rice milk powder, mix it in half a cup of hot water, cup organic cane sugar or stevia, two tablespoons or organic, non-GMO oil (canola, rice bran, grapeseed or melted coconut oil) and a generous pinch of salt. Blend the dry ingredients first until finely powdered, then add the rest and whip up a lovely, creamy product that is a healthy, and an identical-tasting substitute for condensed milk.
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