Check Out One Of Los Angeles's Best Farm-To-Table Restaurants

by Eugenia Kim
In Good Food America, food expert Danny Boome searches for the best eateries in America - one of which is in Z Living's hometown city of Los Angeles. Here's food writer Eugenia Kim's review of Industriel in downtown Los Angeles, a farm-to-table restaurant. 
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The Z Living Review: Industriel Restaurant

industriel-urban-farm-cuisine-los-angelesJust a stone’s throw away from Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles lies Industriel, a farm-to-table dining experience that serves French classics with a modern twist. The restaurant describes its offerings as “cuisine served up by your grandmother in her farmhouse in Provence, France, with one little twist: Your grandmother has sleeve tattoos."
Housed in a two-story space, the restaurant's interior boasts an industrial vibe with reclaimed wood walls, steel stairs, and antique furniture married with plush seating and elegant light fixtures. Their ingredients are all sourced from weekly farmer's market trips, and they claim have “never seen the inside of a supermarket." They prepare all their food from scratch and in house, caring for each dish with diligence.

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Inspiration From The Menu

Industriel's menu is divided into brunch and dinner on the weekends. A standout brunch item is their brioche french toast made with duck fat bananas and peanut butter drizzled with rum sauce. This is definitely one of the best french toast breakfasts Los Angeles has to offer. The bananas cooked with duck fat are a decadent treat made sweet and savory, with a peanut butter cream pairing.

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If you’re forgoing sweets for breakfast and want to go for something more savory, try the duck confit if you're feeling adventurous or the bacon and eggs for a traditional breakfast with a twist. The tender and perfectly cooked duck confit is served on a bed of cheese grits topped with a poached egg. The bacon in the other dish isn’t the thin, crispy kind, but more of a pork belly, an inch thick and braised so the meat is very tender. The bacon is served with a fried egg and ras el hanout, an African spice mix.
The drinks and desserts are incredible temptations, too, and by the way, the service is just as impeccable and inviting as the meals.
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