8 Smart Food Tips From 'Healthy Gourmet' Host Julie Daniluk

by The Z Living Editors
Try Eating Pineapples To Reduce Inflammation
Coconut Water Should Be Your New Sports Drink
High-Mineral Teas Keep You Hydrated
How To Avoid Refined Sugar Overload
Check Out Maca Powder As A Nutritional Booster
Blueberries Are Some Of The Healthiest Berries
Why You Should Eat Heritage Vegetables

Have you checked out Z Living's newest show Healthy Gourmet? Nutritionist host Julie Daniluk never misses a chance to share her favorite superfoods on the show, and we recently had her take over Z Living's Instagram feed to share a few more. In case you missed 'em on Instagram, we've collected her snapshots and tips in a slideshow below. Click through to see why (and how!) Daniluk uses heritage vegetables, foraged edibles, coconut water, high-mineral teas, and much more. Then give her suggestions a try yourself.

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WATCH on Z Living: Healthy Gourmet, where nutritionist Julie Daniluk and chef Ezra Title join forces and battle between taste and nutrition, helping home cooks create nutritious and tasty meals that can feed a crowd. See a sneak preview here.


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