Fast Five: Kitchen Tips To Cook With Broccoli Stalks

by vanessa

Broccoli is high in dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins, and low on fat and calories. To sum it up, this green veggie is a super healthy food and has weight loss benefits too. Even though we use broccoli more often in our salads and stir fries, most of us end up throwing away the stalks.There's no doubt that the florets look more appealing and have a better texture in comparison to the chewy stems, but lets not forget that the stems are equally healthy (and certainly edible). Why not use them? Here are a few tricks to help incorporate broccoli stalks in your food:

  • Separate the tougher outer layer from the soft inner layer of the stalks, and keep them in separate zip-lock bags in the freezer, so that you can use them as required.
  • Use the tougher outer layer along with all your leftover vegetables to make broth. All other veggie scraps like bits of carrots, kale and cauliflower stalks can be combinedto make a nutritious broth.
  • Save the florets for the stir-fry, and use the stems to make pureed soups. Check this yummy broccoli and avocado soup recipe.
  • Use chopped, soft stalksin foods such as steamed dumplings, casseroles, or your morning omelet, for an instant nutrition boost.
  • You could also feed broccoli stalks to your dog. The stalks are the safest part of broccoli to give to your pet (in moderation).
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