We Love This Book About The Art & Science Of Bread

by Simona Terron
There are few things simpler and more miraculous than the art of bread making. Transforming flour, fat and water into something that sustains our bodies, soothes our souls, and makes our kitchens fragrant, has got to be deemed miraculous, right?

And the experts over at Modernist Cuisine have put together a much-awaited book on this ancient miracle, chronicling time-tested traditions and brand-new discoveries. The book, called Modernist Bread: The Art and Science, aims to capture the science, history, and techniques that will transform its readers into bread experts.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a strict traditionalist, avid modernist, home baker, restaurant chef, or an artisanal baker, the book’s creators dream of introducing us all to possibilities of invention and different ways of thinking.

Approaching the 6,000-year-old process of baking bread with a mix of the history and science behind it, the book will cover the ingredients that compose it, and the techniques and recipes that make each loaf its own science project. The result of several years of research, using 3D scanners and electron microscopes, the book contains more than 2,000 pages, and features 3,000 photos.

The experts include former Culinary Institute of America instructor Francisco Migoya, author of several CIA textbooks and former Executive Pastry Chef at The French Laundry, and the author of multiple James Beard-award winning cookbooks, Peter Reinhart. But several people contributed from expert bakers, scientists, millers, and even farmers who have invaluable expertise and knowledge about bread."

Hopefully this will slow down the unfair process of misinformed and ill-educated self-appointed food experts demonizing one of the most hi-tech foods you can make. And one can only pray that it will raise beautiful freshly baked bread from its sorry reduction to something you nibble on at a restaurant while waiting for the ‘real food’ to arrive.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter before you purchase the book.

Image: ModernistCuisine.com

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