WATCH: Healthier Chicken Tenders From 'Now Eat This!'

by Eugenia Kim
On Now Eat This!featuring chef Rocco DiSpirito, you’ll learn how to transform your favorite, calorie-rich recipes into low-fat alternatives that are perfect for a healthy lifestyle. Find out where to watch here.

Meet The Pasketwitz Family

If you’ve been tuning in, you'll have met the Pasketwitz family, who struggle to feed a small army of five growing boys who all have different tastes and a big aversion to broccoli. If you missed the episode, watch the clip below and find out when to watch Z Living programs.
The Pasketwitz parents explain that it's often much easier to have a pizza delivered than taking an hour to cook something healthy that their boys won't eat. As a result, the boys have become accustomed to a high-fat, high-sodium diet of things like frozen chicken nuggets, tater tots, and chocolate chip cookies. 

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Chef DiSpirito's Healthy Swap: "Bake, Don't Deep Fry!"

In the episode, chef DiSpirito teaches the Pasketwitz family that they can have delicious meals that everyone will want to eat simply by substituting high-fat ingredients with healthy alternatives. His major swap? Transforming high-fat, high-sodium chicken nuggets into baked chicken tenders, made with whole wheat panko bread crumbs and egg whites. With these careful substitutions, Chef DiSpirito shows how easy it is to still make crowd favorites without sacrificing taste and nutrition.

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The Takeaway Lesson:

DiSpirito teaches us that we can have our cake and eat it too (as long as we substitute out the sugar for agave or stevia of course!) Now Eat This! doesn’t shame people for loving downfall dishes but teaches us that our guilty pleasures don’t have to be so guilty with some ingredient substitutions and preparation. And discover our other cooking shows to help you in your journey to health and happiness!

Chef DiSpirito is an award winning chef, restaurateur, author, and was considered ‘America’s Best New Chef’ by Food & Wine. He’s also on a mission to prove that healthy and delicious are not mutually exclusive.
rocco-dispiritoWATCH on Z Living: Now Eat This! where chef Rocco DiSpirito challenges people to eat healthy by arming them with nutritious recipes and ingredients and giving instruction on proper ways to prepare the meals. See a sneak peek here.

Have any healthy chicken tender recipe secrets? Let us know in the comments!

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