Did You Know? The Oldest Alcoholic Beverage Was Made With Honey & Water

by Vanessa Luis

If you’ve watched one too many medieval dramas, or have played games like Sykrim or God of Warcraft, you might be familiar with mead. This honey wine is said to be the oldest alcoholic beverage.

In fact, the ancient Greeks used to consume it too, and regarded it as ‘the drink of gods’. However, unlike most other fermented beverages that are made from well-harvested or cultivated plants, mead is made from a single food that was eaten long before the development of agriculture—honey.

Also known as honey wine, it is one of the simplest alcoholic beverages that needs no intensive procession. Some believe that it was discovered by ancient hunter-gatherers, who chanced upon a honeycomb filled with water and honey that had undergone fermentation, thus making it alcoholic. Till date, this ambrosia-like drink is manufactured with fermented honey and water.

With the popularity of sitcoms like Game of Thrones, mead is back in demand, as many creative brewers are making modern versions of it. The American Mead Makers Association (AMMA) has recorded that there are nearly 200 US commercial meaderies today.


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