This Is Our Big Secret For Quick & Easy Meal Planning

by The Z Living Editors
Meal planning and prepping may sound like just one more thing to add to your weekly to-do list, but this particular exercise is well-worth any time it takes.

Consider the baseline of what you stand to gain: Improved nutrition — as you'll know in advance what's in your meals and how each meal fits your personal nutrition needs — money saved (no more last-minute takeout meals!) and less stress, as after all, you'll have cleverly answered the question of what's for dinner? in advance.

Here's Our Secret To Fast, Easy, Cost-Effective Meal Planning & Prep:

While it takes some serious planning and forethought to come up with weekly menus, plan your grocery trip, plus do the actual daily cooking, we've found a faster, easier, and cost-effective way to meal plan: Ordering up weekly menus from the diet delivery service Diet-to-Go. The service is a leading producer of fully prepared diet meal plans scientifically proven to promote natural weight loss, using only real food (think salmon burgers with mango salsa or chicken pesto salad) tailored to fit each individual's needs. Meals come chef-cooked and ready to eat, with little prep work or cooking required, and cost much less than eating out (generally, $9.99 per delivery) — so there's really no excuse for not eating well. Meals are delivered anywhere in the continental US (yep, small towns too!) with fresh pickups available in five major cities. Learn more about Diet-To-Go here, and check out a sample menu, below.

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Meal Planning Is An Essential Part Of Our Show Altar'd

We used Diet-to-Go's services for our new weight-loss show, Altar'd, as Diet-to-Go's mission fits with ours: in their words, "taking a common-sense approach to changing your life is the best method for losing weight and making healthy changes that will last a lifetime." Amen!

In Altar'd, couples are challenged to shape up and slim down 90 days before their wedding day — with the added twist of doing it separately, then revealing their transformations when they meet up again at the altar! Each bride- and groom-to-be eats meals only from Diet-to-Go, choosing between four menus (including a vegetarian option and a low-carb option great for people with diabetes), further personalized to accommodate food allergies and preferences. They have access to gyms, trainers, and the support of co-hosts Erin Stutland and Chris Marhefka, but the real commitment to change their bodies and lives — as well as the struggle, willpower and emotion along with it — comes from within. Check out more about the show here. 

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Diet-to-Go Can Actually Help Reshape Your Eating Habits.

Whether you try a service like Diet-to-Go for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months, simply seeing the portion sizes offered and trying some new foods can help reshape your eating habits for life. Reggie, featured in episode five, tried quinoa for the first time because of Diet-to-Go — and loved it! Watch a sneak peek of Reggie's episode here.

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If you're a new customer to Diet-to-Go, you'll instantly save 10% off on any meal plan. And, according to a recent study by the company, clients lost 10 pounds or more on average following Diet-to-Go's meal plan. Our Altar'd show participants, by combining their meals with daily exercise, lost even more. So give Diet-to-Go a try!

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