Try These Posh Side Dishes For Dinner Tonight

by Z Living Gal
We're on Day 2 of our Pescatarian 10-Day Challenge, which we are hosting alongside The Posh Pescatarian host Stephanie Harris-Uyidi. You can learn more about the Challenge here

For Day 2, we invite you to take a plunge into pescatarian living with these posh side dishes, courtesy of Stephanie Harris-Uyidi. Also, don't forget to download your FREE meal planning guide, which will help you take your weekly meal planning to the next level!

Discover some posh side dishes below... Stephanie gives an old classic side dish a fresh twist with a dash of lemon, chives, salt, and pepper. Or, if you're a veggie lover, try Stephanie's brussels sprouts. These side dishes will pair perfectly with your choice of seafood.

For more recipe inspiration, tune into The Posh Pescatarian Monday night at 9PM. Have questions for Stephanie? Ask her! She will be answering your pescatarian inquiries later this week.


​To take part in our Pescatarian Challenge, take pictures of your dishes and post to Facebook with the hashtag #Posh10DayChallenge. We will feature your dishes on our website later this week!

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