Should Your Dog Be on a Raw-Food Diet?

by Simona Terron

Raw food is trendy and natural, but is it the best thing for your pooch? Dog-owners looking to ensure their furry friends live long, healthy lives need to make decisions regarding nutrition. 

The raw food movement has been popular amongst humans for several years, and today more pet owners are adopting it for their animals. The main argument for this approach is that the natural state of raw foods reflects the diet of wild dogs, before humans domesticated most of the species. The opposition thinks it’s better to rely on scientifically-crafted and thoughtfully-packaged pet food.  

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Want an Expert’s Opinion?

Christie Keith, a canine-health blogger, has fed her dogs raw food for 20 years. She teaches that those interested in giving their dog a raw diet should try making a slow transition and observing the how it affects the animal. She also suggests not settling for strictly raw or packaged foods, but instead trying to curate more natural and fresh meals for a variety any dog would enjoy. 

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Thoughts to Consider

  • Every animal is different, so test new diets out and monitor how yours reacts. 
  • Do your research. This 2006 study found that nearly 70% of commercially available raw meat contains salmonella, or E. coli bacteria.
  • Bacteria from raw foods can come through animal’s feces, making it potentially harmful to human companions.

In the realm of health and wellness, there are absolute benefits to the natural proteins and lack of synthetics with raw food. At the same time, there are dangers to be aware of. Don’t be afraid to find out if your dog should be on a raw-food diet, just make sure to keep an eye on their energy levels, and breathing. When in doubt, call your local veterinarian. 

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