Don't Miss Z Living's Newest Show 'Now Eat This!'

by The Z Living Editors

Tune in Mondays at 9 pm EST and watch award-winning chef Rocco DiSpirito transform some of America's favorite comfort dishes into deliciously healthy meals in Z Living's newest show Now Eat This!.

Here's where to watch.

In the show, DiSpirito takes dishes that you'll know and love — like pasta and burgers — and recrafts them as healthier meals that are equally tasty. You'll learn everything you need to know to break poor eating habits, like how to stop using too much refined white sugar in your morning pancakes stack (my own unhealthy cooking habit!). 

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Especially for anyone who struggles with diabetes, gains weight easily, or has other dietary restrictions, DiSpirito offers a library of ingredients, brands, and recipes that will help you, or those around you, eat better and make healthier choices.

The takeaway? DiSpirito shows us that we don't have to give up our favorite dishes in order to be healthy. You can have your cake and eat it too!

The challenge is cooking it yourself, but it's not as hard as you may think — and that's why DiSpirito's here to help. Tune in every Monday for healthy eats and inspiration. Here's where to watch.

WATCH on Z Living: Now Eat This! where chef Rocco DiSpirito challenges people to eat healthy by arming them with nutritious recipes and ingredients and giving instruction on proper ways to prepare the meals. See a sneak peek here.


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