"Fear Of Fat" Threatens Our Dietary Guidelines

by Myla Cruz

There’s long been a discussion as to whether or not fat is good for you. New and old research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests rethinking the taboo perspective surrounding the nutrient. 

“We urgently need to overturn current dietary guidelines,” explains Professor Sherif Sultan, a heart specialist from the University of Ireland in a recent piece from Express UK. "People should not be eating high carbohydrate diets as they have been told over the past decade. Our diets should be largely based on good quality, high-fat foods. This will prevent the rising epidemic of Type 2 diabetes and reverse the growing numbers of people suffering weight-related heart problems.”

The notion that saturated fat is actually good for your health was unsurfaced in this 2010 study published in the leading American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It concluded, “There is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease, stroke or cardiovascular disease.”

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Manufactured fats such as margarine, highly refined oils and trans-fats were not used in the study, but participants were given unprocessed fats from natural sources such as butter, cream, cheese and coconut oil, which are believed by many health professionals and scientists to be “good fats” that absorb well in the body.

Dr. Simon Dankel, associate professor at the University of Bergen in Norway, and lead author of the study, explains in the same Express UK piece, “There is a tremendous focus on avoiding high-fat foods for weight control, but this study challenges the notion that saturated fats have a strongly negative impact on health and weight. The men on a high-fat diet not only lost weight, but also became slimmer and had lower cholesterol levels.”

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All of this knowledge isn’t to say make it a free for all on the fats during your upcoming holiday celebrations, but this is a loving push to be informed, choose well and most importantly enjoy the varieties of foods out there – both healthful and indulgent – to experience the joy of balance in life. For some advice on how to make better food decisions regarding healthy versus unhealthy fats, check out our numerous health-nutrition shows like Flip My Food With Chef Jeff and Healthy Gourmet

What is YOUR favorite fatty food that you can’t get enough of? We love to hear from you! Share with us in the comment section below.


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