Seafood For Breakfast

by Z Living Foodie
In coastal southern California finding fresh seafood on a daily basis is only a matter of driving a few miles to the marina. Yeah, we're lucky. 

Of all the beautiful fresh seafood at our disposal here in SoCal, one thing that can still be tricky to find is fresh is herring, AKA: kippers. It’s even a bit tough finding them tinned at the grocery store.

What is herring? Herring is a small fish that serious fish lovers adore. It has a moderately “fishy” flavor; good texture and is packed with omega 3s (check out that B12 - 420% of your daily value). 

This little fish has a long and storied past and is adored by the British, Scandinavians, Jamaicans alike. Better yet, it is a sustainable fish varietal and delicious to boot.

It's no surprise that Stephanie Harris-Uyidi of The Posh Pescatarian chose this fish to play a staring role in her breakfast seafood quiche. Yes, you heard right, we're talking about eating fish for breakfast (gasp). Beyond lox and smoked trout there is a world of pescatarian delicacies that make for a great and healthy start to your day. 

This quiche starts with eggs, tomatoes and basil, and is finished with a healthy dose of fish. Give it a try and let us know what you think. 

Want to add even more fish to your diet? Try Stephanie's Meal Planning Guide to create a week's worth of healthy pescatarian recipes. 

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