Skip The Oil When You Sauté Vegetables, Here’s How

by Vanessa Luis

It’s no revelation that too much oil is bad for you. Even when it comes to the healthier oils, using them in moderation is the right way to go. While some dishes simply cannot be prepared without oil, you could try this quick cheat for oil-free cooking.

Simply eliminate the use of oil while sautéing vegetables. Surprising as it sounds, this trick not only cuts out the calories in your food, but also increases the nutrition value in it, and could possible enhance its flavor. This is possible with the use of vegetable stock, or broth.

All you have to do is add about ¼ cups of vegetable broth to the pan and then heat it. Then put all the veggies in the skillet and sauté them till they get the desired texture. For the broth, you can take a ready broth, or just add a pinch of veg bouillon cube to ¼ cup of water for instant broth.

The purpose of this broth is to act like a layer in between the veggies and the pan to prevent it from sticking. Don’t worry about having soggy vegetables, as the broth eventually evaporates and the food gets lightly steamed. This also reduces the cooking time, and preserves more nutrients and flavor. However, keep an eye on the amount of broth you add. Add little at a time; you may have to add more if all evaporates.

Try this healthier version of this chicken pot pie recipe that uses vegetable broth.

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