The Surprising Health Benefits Of Black Tea

by Vanessa Luis
English author Arthur Wing Pinero once stated, “Where there is tea, there is hope.” Now, we don't get the whole British fascination with teatime, but they’re definitely onto something.

And while tea makes for a great way to calm the nerves, it also packs a surprisingly healthy punch. And no, we’re not only referring to the green variety. We're talking about our favorite caffeinated black tea, such as a fresh hot cup of English Breakfast or Earl Grey. 

Black tea is plucked from the same shrub as green tea, Camellia Sinesis, except black tea has a different processing method. It is this alternate processing that gives the tea its much darker hue. Black tea is rich in antioxidants, making it a particularly healthy beverage.

Here are some ways your body can benefit from black tea:
  • The rich source of flavonoids protects your body from cell damage. Research says that this could reduce one’s risk of heart attack by 44 percent.
  • Another study suggested that drinking 2 cups of black tea a day could result in a lowered risk of developing cancer by as much as 46 percent.
  • It not only helps fight off bacteria in your body, but also helps strengthen your immune system.
  • It keeps your hormone levels and digestive system in check.
  • Drinking black tea hydrates your body, providing the skin with natural moisture that keeps it soft and supple.
However, remember that for optimal benefit, you must drink fresh tea, not the instant or bottled variants, and let your tea steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Also, avoid additives like milk or sugar that reduce the potency of black tea, while adding drastically to its calorie content.

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