5 Healthy Eating Strategies For A Thanksgiving Feast

by Isabel Thottam
Do you find yourself over-eating carbs, turkey, and pie during each Thanksgiving? This year, opting for a healthier, less stuffing-filled meal is the wiser option. Even though heaping spoonfuls of gravy and buttery mashed potatoes smell and taste delicious, you may quickly find yourself regretting such a heavy meal shortly after it. Here's how to avoid some of the most filling options, yet enjoy a hearty meal.

Take the thinner route, and consider these 5 healthy eating strategies:


1. Puree the potatoes instead of mashing them.

Whether you mash them, roast them, or bake them, potatoes are an essential side dish at Thanksgiving. However, a smarter way to eat potatoes is in the form of soup (yes, soup!). If that doesn’t sound appetizing, just wait until you try this paleo sweet potato soup recipe. Not only does it smell like all the best parts of the fall, but it also tastes amazing and makes for a light option to serve with the rest of your dinner.

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2. Use cauliflower instead of potatoes.

If you want to skip the starchy potatoes altogether, consider opting for a cauliflower mash instead. You might be surprised just how great, if not better, this cauliflower mash recipe is. It’s an excellent way to make your plate feel a little lighter and whole lot healthier.

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3. Start with a healthy salad.

If you want to feel fuller without the pain, considering starting your Thanksgiving meal with a big, healthy salad. If you’re not a huge salad eater, it could also make for a nice side dish. This swiss chard with crisp apples salad recipe makes for the perfect green addition to your feast.

4. Make a vegetarian stuffing.

Most stuffing recipes aren’t vegetarian and tend to be heavy on the carbs. Why not opt for a vegetarian version this year instead? This wild rice stuffing recipe recipe contains apples, pecans and cranberries for a new take on the traditional Thanksgiving stuffing. Once this comes out of the oven, you won’t even realize it’s different–it smells and tastes that good.

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5. Dare we say it: Skip the pie!

Most Thanksgiving meals end with a sugary-sweet pumpkin pie. It almost seems wrong not to eat a slice at the end of the meal, but consider giving it a pass. As an alternative, this pumpkin mousse recipe is gluten- and dairy-free, yet full of pumpkin spices, and tastes just as good as the pie would.

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