It's #GourmetMonday! These 5 Cooking Shows Will Inspire You All Week Long

by The Z Living Editors
Wondering what to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner this week, or what you should nosh on right now? Get ready, because we've got you covered for all things food every Monday — from meal inspiration to tips, tricks, trends and more — with back-to-back episodes from five of our most popular cooking shows.

Anytime you tune into Z Living from 2 pm ET until 1:30 am ET, you'll find meal inspiration on air: That's what the day we've dubbed #GourmetMonday is all about.

Catch the latest food trends and healthy recipes from the sister-sister duo of Hemsley + Hemsley; chef Rocco DiSpririto's tasty tricks on Now Eat This!; the push-and-pull between flavor and nutrition on Healthy Gourmet, your favorite recipes rejiggered into healthier versions on Recipe Rehab and "flipped" into delicious yet diet-friendly versions on Flip My Food, thanks to Chef Jeff.

Here's a bit more about each show and when to catch your favorite episodes. Find out where you can watch. 

Hemsley + Hemsley

2 pm ET - 4 pm ET; 8:30 pm ET - 9:30 pm ET

Step into the world of passionate foodie sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley as they take healthy eating to innovative new levels by creating delicious, nutrient-dense recipes to make you feel good inside and out. Watch clips of Hemsley + Hemsley here.

Now Eat This!

4 pm ET - 6 pm ET

In Now Eat This! chef Rocco DiSpirito challenges people to eat healthy by arming them with nutritious recipes and ingredients and giving instruction on proper ways to prepare the meals. Watch clips of Now Eat This! here.

Healthy Gourmet

6 pm ET - 8:30 pm ET; 11 pm ET - 1 am ET

In this culinary showdown, health-conscious nutritionist Julie Daniluk and flavor-focused chef Ezra Title take on contestant's favorite family meals and battle to make them healthier and tastier. Watch clips of Healthy Gourmet here.

Recipe Rehab

8:30 pm ET

In cach episode, two chefs face off in a competition to give one family's high-calorie recipe a new low-calorie twist. After the family members try their hand at making the new recipes in their own kitchen, and decide which is their new favorite. Watch clips of Recipe Rehab here.

Flip My Food

10 pm ET - 11 pm ET

Chef Jeff Henderson "flips" the favorite dishes of award winning chefs, celebrities, and everyday people to make a healthier version that's just as mouthwatering. Watch clips of Flip My Food here.

Tell us what you're cooking on #GourmetMonday! Post a photo of a meal you've made or enjoyed and post it to any social media network using the hashtag #GourmetMonday. We'd love to share your creations!

Missed an episode, or don't yet get Z Living from your provider? Watch it now by signing up for Z Living GO, where you can watch all the episodes plus live TV — you'll get a free 30-day trial.


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