Chef Andrea Beaman Shares Tips To Flavor Bland Diet Food On Fed Up!

by Vanessa Luis

So you’ve adopted a healthy diet, but find the food really bland and boring. Then you might want to catch up on some of the recent episodes of Fed Up!, where host Andrea Beaman tackles this everyday problem. She shares fun tips to make your meals more interesting, without adding to the calories, of course.

To get you started, here are a few healthy ways to enhance the flavor of your meals (without resorting to sugary sauces, or artificial/sodium-loaded additives).

  1. Swap Condiments For Herbs & Spices
    Condiments include the likes of table salt, ketchup, mustard, and relish. Adding them to your food scales up the calories in it, without adding to the nutritional value. On the other hand, herbs and spice such as thyme, rosemary, cumin, nutmeg, and cinnamon contain no calories, yet most of them are rich in antioxidants, and have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Needless to say, they add heaps of flavor.
  2. Swap Refined Sugar For Natural Sweeteners
    Refined sugar is a processed form of sugar that provides no nutritional value, but adds to a number of health risks like dental troubles, obesity, diabetes, and energy dips. However, we understand that one can’t go through life without a kick of sweetness now and then; for this, try natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup or agave nectar. Yes, these contain sugar too, but are not half as hazardous as refined sugar. Since they are just concentrated forms of natural foods, they provide nutritional benefits in the form of minerals and antioxidants.
  3. Swap Pasta For Spaghetti Squash Or Zoodles
    Pasta is again a form of refined flour with no particular health benefits. While whole wheat pasta is also a good swap, we suggest you opt for spaghetti squash or zoodles (zucchini noodles). It’s always a better idea to add more veggies to your meal and it’s completely natural. Try this delicious spaghetti squash and tomato ragout recipe instead of your usual pasta meal.
  4. Swap Sour Cream For Greek Yogurt
    While sour cream is full of empty calories, Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein. It is slightly thicker and tangier in taste than regular yogurt, nevertheless it is much healthier.Add in some fruit, honey or maple syrup to make a yummy treat, or simply replace sour cream with Greek yogurt in your burritos. You can use plain yogurt to make smoothies or creamy salad dressings.
  5. Swap Juices & Energy Drinks For Flavored Water
    Juices and energy drinks contain some nutrients but the sugar quantity surpasses their benefits. Opt for flavor-infused water instead. All you have to do is fill a jar of water and soak some fresh ingredients like strawberries, basil, tangerine, or lime, to flavor the water. This drink is a delight to your taste buds, but extremely low on calories. Plus, it encourages you to drink more water.
  6. Swap Mayo For Avocado Spread Or Hummus
    A sandwich or wrap is just incomplete without a creamy spread to keep it together. Instead to choosing fat-laced mayo, pick healthier spreads like avocado or hummus that’s made with fresh produce and has essential nutrients too. These spreads also make for an amazing dip.

For more food tips and healthy recipes, don’t forget to check out new episodes of Fed Up!  on Z Living channel.

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