Catch What Happened On The Premiere of 'Family Style'

by Meredith Grace

If you tuned in to the premiere of Family Style with Chef Jeff, you’re probably already hooked on the tasty poached black drum fish and the other farm-to-table side dishes that the beloved host, chef Jeff Henderson, created. And if you missed the premiere, here's a recap (with clips, too) of everything that happened.

Tune in to Family Style with Chef Jeff Mondays at 9PM! Here's where to watch.

The Premiere Kicks Off With a Fishing Trip in the Bayou

Chef Jeff heads out into the alligator-infested waters of Louisiana's bayou, where he’s in a competition with hungry gators to catch a black drum fish for dinner. Enlisting the help of Captain Randall, the chef temporarily trades his pots and pans for fishing hooks and a reel.

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After a few unsuccessful nibbles (including one exciting moment where an alligator steals the fish right off the line!) ,Chef Jeff hooks a big black drum.

Just take a look at the size of that fish in the clip below!
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The Kitchen Heats Up...

Once back from fishing, Chef Jeff and his young sous chef Garrett immediately get to work on prepping a side dish for their catch: roasted beets. After giving the beets a good rinse and seasoning them with olive oil and salt, the duo wrap the beets in aluminum foil and oven-roast them.
While the beets are roasting, Garrett and Chef Jeff make an aromatic saffron rice to serve with the fish. Then, finally, the main event: Chef Jeff guides Garrett through the poaching of the black drum in a liquid flavored with peppercorns and clam juice and preserved lemons. 

Take a look at the mouth-watering clip below!


Every step of the way, Chef Jeff walks Garrett and the audience through the proper techniques; from scoring the fish to breaking down the swiss chard, the meal comes together beautifully.

Finally, the Feast!

With the help of his young assistant, Chef Jeff sets a tasty spread the whole family can enjoy, featuring locally sourced poached seafood over saffron rice, rainbow swiss chard sauteed with garlic, and a roasted beet and herbed goat cheese salad. Now that’s a delectable and healthy meal that’ll turn anyone into a full blown foodie.

Tune in next week for more! Here's where to watch.
Watch on Z Living: Family Style With Chef Jeff, where award-winning chef and motivational speaker Jeff Henderson teaches viewers how to make the right choices in the kitchen, using farm-to-table techniques to prepare healthy dinner recipes. Get a sneak peek here.

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