What Happened When I Went Posh Pescatarian For 10 Days

by Ajableu Oldham

If you’ve been tuning in to Z Living, you’ve probably come across Stephanie Harris-Uyidi’s exciting adventures on her show The Posh Pescatarian. The culinary travel show takes you across the globe, where you learn to create fabulous seafood dishes using the freshest local ingredients. 

Now, being a California native who grew up by the sea, I’m a big fan of seafood: exotic sashimi, smoked salmon, fresh oysters, and baked sea bass.…So, when I discovered Stephanie’s show and her infectious love for the sea, I got pretty excited to give her lifestyle a try. I turned to my colleague at the Z Living Headquarters and said, “I’m going to go Posh Pescatarian for 10 days, just to see what will happen.” 

And so the journey began…

seafood-brineDay 1: Friday

I began with Stephanie’s article on Meal Planning Tips. And I followed her directions step-by-step, starting with a thorough cleaning of my refrigerator to make room for my new pescatarian meals. I tossed out the shriveled veggies, spoiled tomato juice, and the stinky goat cheese. (Hey, don’t pretend you don’t have the same old food scraps in your fridge). Next, I gave my refrigerator a good scrub. I  began my journey with a clean slate. The pristine palate put the “posh” in pescatarian. 

Day 2: Saturday

Following Stephanie’s directions, I catalogued all of my food using a fresh notebook that is now dedicated exclusively for meal planning. 

By cataloguing my pantry, I discovered just how much food I actually had: two bottles of olive oil, three jars of mayonnaise in different sizes, unopened bottles of expensive coconut water… 

I realized that I was spending a lot of money on food that I wasn’t using. Suddenly, the journey took a new turn, one of gratitude. I decided to acknowledge what I actually had in my pantry and fridge. On my fresh, new page of my notebook I wrote “I am thankful for what I have in my fridge,” along with the date. 

I then checked out Pineterest for recipe inspiration and made my meal plan for the week.

Day 3: Sunday

Sunday for me has always been the first day of the week, setting the foundation for progress. It begins at the local Farmer's Market. In Hollywood, there is an amazing Farmer’s Market, where you can buy fresh seafood. I started by purchasing a thick fillet of cod and sea bass (not the cheapest cuts, but I wanted to enjoy the full-on experience). 

When I got home, I placed the cod into a brine and let it soak for about an hour and a half, allowing the fish to become plump and flavorful. After I cooked the fish, I sautéed fresh spinach from the market, and put my lunch in the fridge for the following day.

PescatarianDay 4: Monday

The following day at work, I could feel all of the covetous eyes on my yummy posh pescatarian dish. While my colleagues munched on deli sandwiches and cold pasta, I practically moaned over cod and spinach cuisine at my desk. MMMmmm.

Days 5 & 6: Tuesday & Wednesday 

I was surprised to discover how well the Posh Pescatarian lifestyle lent itself to smarter food options. For lunch out, I ordered tofu, rather than my usual cold-cut meat. For dinner, I ordered salad rather than a beefy burger. 

Day 7: Thursday

For lunch on Thursday, I whipped up an interesting slow-cooker seafood gumbo that was comprised of what I had left in my fridge. It was shockingly delicious and extremely easy to make. 

PescatarianDay 8: Friday

Okay, I admit it. I forgot about my commitment to the posh pescatarian lifestyle and ordered my typical (totally unhealthy, deliciously gross) slow-roasted ham breakfast sandwich. It wasn’t until several hours later, when I was thinking about my my new food journey that I realized what I had done. Ugh! I felt ashamed. 

Days 9 & 10: Saturday & Sunday

Over the weekend, I took a bit more time to learn more about how to choose seafood. I continued to treat myself with a filet of freshwater cod, but also experimented with cheaper cuts, including Alaskan wild salmon, which I’ve discovered goes brilliantly with wasabi and sprouts. 

Given my love of seafood, going “posh pescatarian” wasn’t hard. I love that the lifestyle naturally lent itself to healthier food choices and smarter meal planning. Most importantly, I felt a deeper sense of gratitude and awareness about what I kept in my fridge. The posh pescatarian lifestyle is a dietary regimen that I will continue to integrate on and off in my life. Primarily, because it forced me to get serious about planning my meals in advance and eating both better and lighter foods. 


Now it’s your turn. Send us your Posh Pescatarian 10-day story at [email protected] for the opportunity to have your experience posted here on Zliving.com. 

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