4 Family-Friendly Make-Ahead Meals From Our Shows

by Meredith Grace
How many times have you found yourself coming home after a busy day at the office or at home wrangling children and wished there was an easier way to have a healthy meal on the table with minimal effort?

So often we fall into a recipe rut, or worse, put the effort in to try something new that isn’t a hit for the amily. We’ve all been there... and felt the urge to cave and order unhealthy takeout just to get the meal out of the way.

The easiest solution? Better meal prep. And no, that doesn't mean epic Instagram photos of rows of Tupperware neatly portioned with greens and grilled chicken (cause let’s be serious: when’s the last time you successfully sent a second-grader to school with broccoli and a lean protein?).

So with that idea out of mind, here are four examples of make-ahead meals that’ll make your weekdays a whole lot easier and your life a little bit simpler. Bonus: Even the kids will dig these recipes!

1. RECIPE: Overnight Oats, Inspired by Recipe Rehab

This is one of my favorites from Recipe Rehab, where chefs Vikki Krinsky and Richard Rosendale transform the Newton family’s banana cream pie recipe, which was chockfull of sugar and fat, into a healthier version. 

2. RECIPE: Chef Jeff's Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, Inspired by Flip My Food

Skip the canned soup and warm your body with a healthy, homemade meal with this recipe from Chef Jeff’s Flip My Food.  

3. RECIPE: Chef Jeff's Homemade Broccoli-Chicken Soup, Inspired by Flip My Food

Try this recipe from Chef Jeff’s Flip My Food. Broccoli helps to improve and ease digestion and is a natural detoxificant. This hefty, nutritious meal keeps the waistband slim and the belly full.

4. RECIPE: Salmon & Soba Noodles That Your Kids Will Love, Inspired by The Posh Pescatarian

I never cease to be inspired by Stephanie from The Posh Pescatarian. Not only are her delicious seafood recipes like a dish straight out of an upscale restaurant, but her approachable take on weekly meal prep is completely relatable, even for the inexperienced. ​

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