Gluten comes in many forms and could be hidden in everyday dishes such as sauces, processed meats, potato chips and more. Gluten poses as a serious threat to people with celiac disease or even those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. If you thought being gluten-free means to skip all the bread on the menu, then you’ve only discovered the tip of the iceberg. Here are six disclaimers (and important tips) for people leading a gluten-free life:

1. Read All The Ingredients Before You Buy Anything
Whether you’re buying cookies, chocolate, makeup, lotions, or anything at all, you cannot use it or consume it before you’ve read the list of ingredients thoroughly. After all, you don’t accidentally want to use a sanitizer with wheat germ oil, resulting in an allergic reaction.

2. Scrutinize The Menu Before You Visit Any Restaurant
Unless the restaurant has a dedicated gluten-free menu, you can never be too sure, and will have to question them about every ingredient in the food before you actually get there. Remember, you can always prepare gluten-free meals at home, with the help of our detailed recipes.

3. Be Ready To Load Up On Veggie Salad
The only way to ensure you skip the gluten is to go for a veggie salad tossed in oil or vinegar dressing, because no one knows for sure if honey mustard is gluten-free.

4. Having Sushi Tonight? Don’t Forget To Carry Your Own Soy Sauce
Soy sauce contains gluten, and it’s rare that the sushi place will have a gluten-free version of it. That means you will have to pack your own soy when you go there.

5. Carry Your Own Snacks When You Travel
Gluten-free may be a growing market, but you’re not going to get your special snacks in every city or country. It’s advisable to pack your own gluten-free sweets and snacks, to be absolutely sure about your health, and to save a few bucks.

6. It’s Expensive Being Gluten-Free
Whether it’s food or cosmetics, you will have to opt for products specially labeled as being gluten-free. Even though the popularity of such products is picking up, be prepared to shell out more money than usual.

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