Healthy Eating

These yummy recipes don’t require any elaborate cooking, and certainly no heat (and we're talking more than just salad).
Here's how to create a healthy, portable and super refreshing summer meal that gives you plenty of energy and satisfies even the pickiest palate.
Ayurveda recommends that you incorporate some rich, warm foods in your diet. In addition, try the following suggestions for a healthy Vata diet.
We give you smart and easy suggestions on what to pair melons with: from spices, herbs, other fruit and vegetables, to cheese and ham.
Discover a delicious new way to have your eggs that is simple, quick, and less messy.
Here are five spring recipes to start off the season, from Many Paths: One Journey to Health, a cookbook of the Holistic Moms Network.
We show you how healthy food can be tasty and even attractive, with a baked apple dessert that's simple to prepare.
Is it a smoothie? Is it a juice? Why is everyone going crazy about this healthy drink? We tell you all you want to know about the smuice and also give you a quick recipe for it.
The British Standards Institution has released an official procedure to brew the perfect cup of tea. Let's find out.
This makes for a great portable meal that doesn't leak, nor gets mushy by lunchtime.