It can be a pain to cook sometimes, especially in the summer when temperatures are running high. The best way to cheer everyone up, including yourself, is to fix a healthy snack or a lovely meal without breaking into a sweat. Keep the oven and the stove off, you don’t need any more heat in the kitchen for sure.

Instead try out these simple tricks and techniques to prepare recipes that don’t require any elaborate cooking, and certainly no heat. From healthy and tasty mains to nutritious snacks that’ll end any munchies, and even desserts, these recipes will have you cooling off in style. There’s something for everyone, from vegans and vegetarians to those avoiding gluten, dairy and nuts.

For the perfect meal that can be whipped up in minutes, think out of the box. Instead of the standard steak, bake or stew, you could introduce delicious alternatives with exotic ingredients and even fancier names:

For snacks that can beat unhealthy packaged chips and fried food, serve healthy and interesting options that are pleasing to the eye and palate as well:

And for those of you who are tired of the same bland salads, these scrumptious options will have you falling in love with eating healthy all over again:

Why let thirst get the better of you on these hot days? Sip on these soothing and refreshing beverages to stay chilled out:

After a yummy meal, there’s always room for some sweet delight, so try out these simple treats that will be loved by the whole family:

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