Often consumed in the guise of exuberance and sometimes in the name of health, wine is a widely popular drink. It has been around for centuries now, and was enjoyed quite thoroughly by kings and rulers all over the world.

In one of the latest episodes of Wise Up, host Andrea Beaman gets a taste of some of the finest wines around America. She travels through an organic vineyard, where she explores the flavors and benefits of this heady drink. Let’s see why moderate consumption of wine is associated with good health:

  • Having 1-2 glasses of wine per week has been known to improve memory, boost immunity and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and cancer.
  • Wine consumption also has some anti-aging benefits thanks to its rich antioxidant content. That’s probably why queens in the medieval times loved their vino.
  • Wine is also said to be a heart-healthy drink, as it improves circulation by dilating the blood vessels and raising the levels of HDL (good cholesterol).
  • Apart from this, studies also prove that vino is great for those on a weight loss plan. It contains fewer calories than most cocktails and iced drinks and also helps burn calories, as the red grapes contain a chemical that accelerates the metabolism of fatty acids in the liver cells.

Sounds like quite a good drink, doesn’t it? So go ahead pour yourself a glass of well-aged wine.

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