Would you believe it if you were told that you can eat your way to looking young? And it’s not spinach or kale we’re talking about—it’s a chocolate.

Lycotec, a UK-based company with research tied to Cambridge University, has created Esthechoc, a 70 percent cocoa-based dark chocolate which claims to have some serious anti-aging benefits. The researchers have said that this chocolate is so potent that a 7.5g piece could provide you with the same amount of antioxidants that a 100g piece of regular dark chocolate can.

During trial, a piece of this chocolate was given to a few 50-60 year olds every day. It was noticed that within three to four weeks, the blood supply to their skin improved, thus their inflammation reduced, and the skin started looking better. Whether it has bonafide anti-aging benefits or not, a yummy piece of chocolate is always welcome.

The price and the retailer for this exciting sweet treat is slated to be announced next month.

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