So you stuffed yourself a bit too much at Christmas dinner, and now you’re in a food coma. Don’t beat yourself up—ease your way into a fitter regime in the days to come. More importantly, don’t start skipping meals to compensate for the binge. A well-planned diet will help your body detox, and will take care of the discomfort and the bloating. Here are a few tips to get you back on track.

1. Begin Your Day With A Detox Drink
A glass of warm water mixed with fresh lemon juice and honey (optional) will restore balance in your body and will get rid of the toxins. Have this mix first thing in the morning, even before breakfast.

2. Swap Your Breakfast For A Green Smoothie
Pancakes, eggs or cereal may not be such a good idea for breakfast as these foods are too heavy to digest. You need something that’s light, yet loaded with nutrients. A green smoothie with veggies and fruit is the perfect breakfast option. It’s high on vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will keep you feeling energetic and refreshed.

3. Add Raw, Leafy Veggies To Your Lunch
Cruciferous vegetables are great for detox. Low on calories, they fight the bloat, get rid of water weight, keep you satiated, and are much healthier than meat. In fact, you should avoid meat completely for the next few days. As of now, try this Sweet Beet Salad for lunch.

4. Eat Fiber To Aid Digestion
Don’t forget to add fiber to your meals. This will aid digestion and calm your gut faster. So go ahead and sprinkle a teaspoon of chia or flax seeds on your salad.

5. Skip The Coffee & Alcohol
Tempting as it might be, stay away from coffee and alcohol. These drinks can wreck your natural digestive process and make you feel even more sick. Sip on some herbal tea with ginger, fennel and peppermint, instead.

6. Keep Up The Water Supply
Water washes out the fats and the toxins that may have built up after the binge. It also gets rid of the bloating caused due to sodium. Make sure you drink at least two liters of water in a day. You could always jazz it up with some lemon juice or mint.

This detox plan should help you feel better in a day or two. Throw in some light stretches and yoga, and you’re all set to get back to a healthy routine.

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