The latest news may be hard to believe, but it has elevated the humble donkey to celebrity status. Donkey milk is dubbed as the latest elixir, with claims of being more nutritious than cow’s milk. Perfect for beauty treatments, it is also used as a cure for a couple of ailments. No wonder Cleopatra bathed in it! Read on to find out more about this interesting revival.

1. It Is A Good Substitute To Cow’s Milk
Donkey milk is the closest in composition to human breast milk. In fact, it was used as a substitute for breast milk until the beginning of the 20th century. For children allergic to bovine proteins, this was an alternative to cow’s milk. It tastes slightly sweeter than cow’s milk, and is higher on the nutrition and lactose content.

2. It Is A Beauty Enhancer
Apart from Cleopatra, Roman empress Poppaea and Napolean’s sister, Pauline Bonaparte were staunch believers in the cosmetic properties of donkey milk. They claimed that it reduced wrinkles, kept their skin delicate, and preserved fairness. They might have been on to something, as donkey milk is used in the manufacture of soaps and cosmetics till date.

3. It Has Medicinal Properties
The Greeks prescribed this milk as a remedy for poisoning, fever, fatigue, eye stains, weakened teeth, ulcers, asthma, and gynecological issues. It contains anti-bacterial enzymes and anti-allergens as well.

So, is donkey milk the next big thing? A female donkey (also known as a jenny) can produce only a couple of pints per day, and for just 6-7 months a year. She also needs to see her foal before she can produce milk. Donkey milk is difficult to procure, and is expensive when available. If it is, you might want to give it a go.

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Simona is a journalist who has worked with several leading publications in India over the last 17 years, writing on lifestyle topics and the arts, besides interviewing celebrities. She made the switch to public relations and headed the division as PR Manager at ITC Hotels’ flagship property, the ITC Grand Chola, but has since returned to her first love, journalism. Now she writes on food, which she is sincerely passionate about and wellness, which she finds fascinating and full of surprises. When she isn’t writing, she is busy playing the role of co-founder and communications director of The Bicycle Project, a six-year-old charity initiative that empowers tribal children in rural areas, while addressing the issue of urban waste.